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E c k a n k a r
S p i r i t u a l H o a x

Have you heard of Eckankar? Considering joining? Just wondering what it's all about? This short synopsis will give you a clearer understanding of it, as opposed to what it tells you in its glossy brochures and intro booklets. With Eckankar websites proliferating all over the Internet, it's necessary to present an opposing viewpoint to balance out their slick, professional presentations. I was a member of this "religion" for 21 years - a higher initiate, and speak from first hand experience. My opinions expressed here are mine alone, and I don't profess to speak for anyone else, nor do I represent any organized groups.

I offer my apologies for doing this anonymously, but Eckankar has a most unsettling habit (shades of Scientology) of gathering personal data on people who dare raise the least criticism of it. This is especially acute on the Internet, where a contingent of priests devotes countless hours trying to track down and compile personal information on anyone careless enough to divulge their personal information. This information has been used to harrass critics in their real lives and has been effectively used to silence many who might ordinarily speak up. I prefer to let the words tell their own story, backed up by the links to documented proof. Please think carefully if you have any inclinations to delve deeper into this religion and look at both sides of the coin. What you read here is the darker side of Eckankar that they have tried to hide for 35 years. May you know truth when you see it and seek out other, more legitimate spiritual pursuits than Eckankar.

I have arranged things in an informal question and answer format for ease of reading. The table of contents below is a good starting point for an overview of Eckankar, while the links at the bottom of the page go into more detail. May your searching be fruitful.

Some Questions & Answers

The Unauthorized Eckankar Page / Dave's Cult Page / EckankarTruth newsgroup / Surviving the Cult / Truth About a Cult / Darwin Gross' Site / David Lane's Eckankar History Newsgroup / David Lane's Webpage / Center For Twitchell's Plagiarisms / Darwin's Side of the Story / Email Webmaster

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