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Where Did Eckankar Come From?

From Venus!

Eckankar's holy "bibles" the Shariyat ki Sugmad (two books and plagiarized material - although Twitchell claimed it was directly dictated to him by the Eck Master Fubbi Quantz), claim Eckankar was brought to earth by an Eck Master named Gakko 6 million years ago from Venus. The hitch is that nobody ever heard of any of this until 1965.

In pulp magazine articles and interviews prior to 1965, Twitchell bragged Eckankar was his own invention - a form of shabda yoga. Also, in prior magazine write-ups, there was no mention of any Vairagi masters, Rebezar Tarzs, etc. There's considerable evidence that he was making it up as he went along, as even he forgot who was supposed to be whom on occasion. On one audio tape made at one of the earliest world wide seminars, an audience member asked Twitchell to please tell them more about Rebezar Tarzs. There was a long, embarrassing pause and some nervous throat clearing until, apparently, someone quietly reminded Twitchell of who Rebezar was supposed to be.

Even in his own copious writings, he never got it straight, in that different books would give different origins. There exists quite a mountain of evidence, though, that Eckankar never existed before Twitchell invented it in 1965.

"There is none greater than this magnificent scripture and we as the chelas of ECK must use it as the source book, the living Bible of our beliefs and faith. There is no answer to any question which is not found in the books of the Shariyat-ki-Sugmad . . . "

-Paul Twitchell, Illuminated Way Letters - pg. 216-

"Again and again I have pointed out that there is no other path than ECK. It is the original source from which all things spring, and anyone who tries another path is trying to start on a lower rung. It seems foolish for anyone to use his human judgment in trying to select a spiritual path for himself, when it is laid out for him to move onto the original and only path to God."

-Spiritual Notebook, pg. 195-

"Too many persons try to substitute orthodox teachings for ECKANKAR. Too many go to cults, thinking they have found the way for themselves. But each of those who leave the path of ECK, or refuse to accept the living ECK Master, will come to grief upon the rocks as surely as a captain wrecks his ship on the reef by not listening to the pilot."

-Spiritual Notebook, p 195-